Every monday night i’m at Filurens ‘Jack the ripper’ group. Where we in a group of 13, 12 students and our lovely teacher are preparing a play about the famous Jack the Ripper.

A letter singed by Jack the ripper

I love my fellow theatre people  i’ve never had so many friends in a theatre group before. We’ve already gotten our manuscripts and there’s actually only 3 months till the play. But in yesterdays theatre class we decided to change some things, originally it was just one long scene where we had to discuss our way to find out who the murderer was. But i got an idea and the others really liked it so we are going to use it!

A newspaper headline from 1888 about Jack the ripper


: It’s the late 1800’s night i  London, up to this night there has been many woman killed by the infamous ‘Jack the ripper’ but everyone had just prayed that it soon would be over since no one  could find out who Jack was. Lord Kidney, returned from war and now the Queens right hand, Where running down the castles hall followed by his partner Sir William Gull, working on Sct Marcus hospital in research of insanity, they woke everyone on the castle up to announce a acute trial. When they’ve got everyone up they led them down to the dungeons of the castle to start the secret trial of Jack the ripper.

People who were suspected of being Jack the ripper

That’s all until now at least. What do you think? And do you enjoy theatre?

Love from Silje



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