Thrift founds

So today i went to the big thrift-shop in the city nearby, i found some cool stuff and i thought i’d share it with you people.

1st found of the day

Have you seen the movie? I don’t really remember it that well but it’s something about pins. So this just caught my eye, it’s really pretty and retro 🙂

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Look! i found a bunch of old postcards!! i’ve been wanting to find some forever or since i saw Marzia’s post about a collection of old postcards. I find them pretty and maybe a bit creepy because they’re black n white, but that just makes it more interesting. I didn’t draw on them in real life but i covered their faces since i don’t know the people.


The one with a lady standing by a wall even had something written on it! it’s old danish cursive handwriting so i’ve done my best to translate it.

‘ Dear miss ____  I’m sorry that i couldn’t be with you tonight and tell them goodbye. 

But i can’t make it, i have to go to ‘Frihavenen’ (danish name of a harbor) tonight.

I want to thank you for _________ yesterday. Have a good life till we see each other,

again. Say hello to your husband and children for me and also to Maade in little ____.

Love from _____ & _____’


The last thing i found was this book, it’s a collection of famous paintings from all over the world and it’s written about the people who stood model for the painter.

Have you found any interesting thrift-shop things?

Love from Silje


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