Update :)

Hello wonderful people

It’s been a long time since i really did anything with this blog and i still have a hard time figuring it all out, but i really want to post more since i have 2 weeks left os the summer holiday. Which also means i start at my efterskole in 2 weeks and i’m so exited! I’m setting up a schedule right now so i will try an post once a week when i’m in school and maybe twice when i’m on holiday. I haven’t really done much but i will set in some pictures from the few things i’ve done and seen. Now i’m 15 and i’ll start 9th grade at efterskolen, it’s called Femmøller and it’s know for it’s theatre line (the one i’m going to attend) and it was an old (i had to google translate this one) seaside-hotel, well it was a place where people came to have spa days and walk in the nature surrounding the building. I’ve already brought the most of the stuff i need and i’ll pack it all the days before i start (august 13).


I’ve had a little photoshoot session 


I’ve been on the little danish islands like ‘Langeland’ to look at castles

46684751-0979-4806-A093-C2189B58E635 (1)

The same as before, it’s called ‘Tranekær castle’


And this is inside ‘Skovgaard gods’ 


The entrance at Skovgaard

IMG_2873 (1)

I went with my family to see the artworks and sculptures, artist has set them up for the 2017 Europe culture city which Aarhus won!


This was from some weeks ago, but it could have been from today. It’s been pouring! 

What have you been doing in your holiday? See you all soon, Silje x


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