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Hello wonderful people

It’s been a long time since i really did anything with this blog and i still have a hard time figuring it all out, but i really want to post more since i have 2 weeks left os the summer holiday. Which also means i start at my efterskole in 2 weeks and i’m so exited! I’m setting up a schedule right now so i will try an post once a week when i’m in school and maybe twice when i’m on holiday. I haven’t really done much but i will set in some pictures from the few things i’ve done and seen. Now i’m 15 and i’ll start 9th grade at efterskolen, it’s called Femmøller and it’s know for it’s theatre line (the one i’m going to attend) and it was an old (i had to google translate this one) seaside-hotel, well it was a place where people came to have spa days and walk in the nature surrounding the building. I’ve already brought the most of the stuff i need and i’ll pack it all the days before i start (august 13).


I’ve had a little photoshoot session 


I’ve been on the little danish islands like ‘Langeland’ to look at castles

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The same as before, it’s called ‘Tranekær castle’


And this is inside ‘Skovgaard gods’ 


The entrance at Skovgaard

IMG_2873 (1)

I went with my family to see the artworks and sculptures, artist has set them up for the 2017 Europe culture city which Aarhus won!


This was from some weeks ago, but it could have been from today. It’s been pouring! 

What have you been doing in your holiday? See you all soon, Silje x


The old town in Aarhus (Den Gamle By)


There’s about 75 buildings, all from around 1500s – 1900s. They’re collected from places in Denmark.


They have a lovely greenhouse filled with plants and herbs of all kinds.


In 1979 they filmed a christmas series here called, Christmas in the old town.


Every house is filled up with antique furniture and it’s like walking into another time zone.


They also have shop where you can buy stuff, like a bakery and a book shop.


So if you ever go to Denmark i really recommend this place, it’s wonderful!

That’s all for now, hugs Silje


(All photos are taken by me, please don’t steal or use without my consent)


Thrift founds

So today i went to the big thrift-shop in the city nearby, i found some cool stuff and i thought i’d share it with you people.

1st found of the day

Have you seen the movie? I don’t really remember it that well but it’s something about pins. So this just caught my eye, it’s really pretty and retro 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look! i found a bunch of old postcards!! i’ve been wanting to find some forever or since i saw Marzia’s post about a collection of old postcards. I find them pretty and maybe a bit creepy because they’re black n white, but that just makes it more interesting. I didn’t draw on them in real life but i covered their faces since i don’t know the people.


The one with a lady standing by a wall even had something written on it! it’s old danish cursive handwriting so i’ve done my best to translate it.

‘ Dear miss ____  I’m sorry that i couldn’t be with you tonight and tell them goodbye. 

But i can’t make it, i have to go to ‘Frihavenen’ (danish name of a harbor) tonight.

I want to thank you for _________ yesterday. Have a good life till we see each other,

again. Say hello to your husband and children for me and also to Maade in little ____.

Love from _____ & _____’


The last thing i found was this book, it’s a collection of famous paintings from all over the world and it’s written about the people who stood model for the painter.

Have you found any interesting thrift-shop things?

Love from Silje


Every monday night i’m at Filurens ‘Jack the ripper’ group. Where we in a group of 13, 12 students and our lovely teacher are preparing a play about the famous Jack the Ripper.

A letter singed by Jack the ripper

I love my fellow theatre people  i’ve never had so many friends in a theatre group before. We’ve already gotten our manuscripts and there’s actually only 3 months till the play. But in yesterdays theatre class we decided to change some things, originally it was just one long scene where we had to discuss our way to find out who the murderer was. But i got an idea and the others really liked it so we are going to use it!

A newspaper headline from 1888 about Jack the ripper


: It’s the late 1800’s night i  London, up to this night there has been many woman killed by the infamous ‘Jack the ripper’ but everyone had just prayed that it soon would be over since no one  could find out who Jack was. Lord Kidney, returned from war and now the Queens right hand, Where running down the castles hall followed by his partner Sir William Gull, working on Sct Marcus hospital in research of insanity, they woke everyone on the castle up to announce a acute trial. When they’ve got everyone up they led them down to the dungeons of the castle to start the secret trial of Jack the ripper.

People who were suspected of being Jack the ripper

That’s all until now at least. What do you think? And do you enjoy theatre?

Love from Silje



This post is so pretty


February 10th, 2017

Thank you so much to all the brands that spoil me. 


I’ve been sent lots of stuff lately, and I’m super grateful for it, but because it is way more than I can use, I’m going through what I’ve received, and at the end, there is a 2-winner giveaway!

In case you are confused by why I get so much free stuff, is because on top of being a youtuber and blogger, I need to test various products to include in my subscription boxes… so possibly some of the things you see here, will end up in my Spring one.

(sorry about this terrible photo, didn’t realise it was this blurry).

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Hi my name is Silje.

I’m currently 14 years old and i live in the small land called Denmark. I’m not really enjoying living here and as soon as i can i want to move out and on. To be honest i feel kind of stuck here in a place i don’t really belong.

In about 6 months i’m going on a ‘efterskole’ which is is a unique type of Danish independent residential school for young people between the age of 14 to 18. At an efterskole, students can choose to spend one, two or three years finishing their primary education. Where i choose Theatre as an study-line.

I have many interests some of the main ones are : Fashion, singing & music, interior design and photography.

I don’t think my life is that interesting overall, but i guess that’s just me. I dream of traveling and exploring the world, living in the city i’ve fallen in love with, London. And just changing something about the world, you know ‘set my marks’?

Since i’ve been here for 14 years i’ll probably also share some things that have been in my life.

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